This introduction to Liberal Judaism explores how Judaism has continually sought to address the fundamental questions that have faced humankind over the millennia: the origins and purpose of human life, the existence of God, the need for rituals and practices to encourage respect for the world and justice for those who dwell in it. In this book, Rabbi Pete Tobias reaffirms the relevance of the vision that has inspired and sustained this dynamic faith for almost four thousand years and describes how that vision can be re-stated and implemented in our age. 

“This book is liberal in the best sense of that word: free-flowing, humane and written with an open mind. For those starting out on a Jewish journey, or already deep into it, Rabbi Pete Tobias has produced a generous guide.”

Jonathan Freedland, author of ‘Jacob’s Gift.

“A reader-friendly and clearly written account of the Liberal Jewish view of Judaism’s past and future. Recommended for all persuasions and denominations of non-Jew and Jew alike. I wish I had been given this book for my bar-mitzvah!”

Rabbi Lionel Blue