My first venture into radio broadcasting was at an American Summer Camp in New England in the late 1980s. The camp had some 400 Reform Jewish campers aged from about 8-17 and 100 adult staff and along with numerous other facilities was a radio ‘station’ that broadcast just to the camp. I was the only person crazy enough to get up at 6.30 every morning to do a 30-minute wake up programme at 7.00am.

The real breakthrough came a few years later, in 1995, when I moved to Glasgow. Shortly after my arrival there was an hour-long broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland about Glasgow’s Jewish community that failed to mention the Reform community at all. I wrote to protest, got invited to take part in a discussion programme, after which I was given an opportunity to present a Thought for the Day on ‘Good Morning Scotland’. That became a regular gig – and there were a couple of longer broadcasts as well. 

In 2003 I moved to Hertfordshire, and had the privilege of broadcasting frequently on BBC Radio 2. My first Pause for Thought was on the Terry Wogan Show in November 2004 and I was a regular on that slot even after 2010 when Chris Evans replaced the late Sir Terry up until the end of 2015. During that time I also took part in BBC Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday programme, conversing with presenters such as Aled Jones, Clare Balding and Fern Britton.  Now I’m back in Glasgow, I am a presenter of Thought for the Day on ‘Good Morning Scotland’ again…

On this page are links to some of the 250+ radio scripts that I have presented over the years.

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